Jul 062017

Another almost successful sausage and burger night at the club; not sure what was wrong with the BBQ but it didn’t cook the sausages as they should have been cooked: perhaps it was the sausages, it certainly wasn’t the Head Cook for the night.
Below are a few photos, also not the quality I had hoped. I think it was ‘Pistols at Dusk’ for the lads.

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Jun 112017

Yes, it was a wet start to our day and certainly very muddy under foot but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for putting on the Special Event Station at Fir Park Free Show near Market Rasen.  Members of the club putting on the Special Event Station were – Andy M0KED, Pam G4STO, Les G1LQB, Peter G1FLL, Stephen M6TSJ, Jason G7KPM, Tom G4OSB and Ian G4XFC.  Our Regional Manager Jim G0EJQ dropped by and had several contacts on VHF; we also had help from Andy M0OOO from the RAF Waddington Club. Terry G7JFI and Fiona called in and manned the station later in the day.





There were fundamental shortages in our Special Event Station equipment; G1LQB provided a gas stove and kettle for tea and coffee but we omitted to take a frying pan, bacon and rolls for bacon butties.

We didn’t make loads of contacts but an enjoyable day was had; we had time to have a look round other stands and the vintage vehicles and equipment at the show.  We are looking forward to putting on another Special Event Station at Boultham Park in July; we have also been asked to put on another SES at Fir Park Wings and Wheels in August.

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May 262017

On Wednesday 31st May 2017 the General Manager of the RSGB, Steve Thomas, will be visiting the Lincoln Short Wave Club for an informal discussion and question and answer session.  As usual on these occasions the Club will be open to visitors.  We would welcome participation from other clubs so if you have a question for Steve, come along you will be made welcome.   For visitors new to LSWC meetings; we are meeting in the BSA Village Hall at Aisthorpe, Village Hall Lane. LN1 2SG: 2000 hours for 2015 hours.

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May 202017

What will take over in ‘Matters Arising’ at our monthly committee meetings and AGMs?  We have been going to insulate the roof space in the shack for about 8 years and on 11th May 2017 Bob G7AVU and me G4STO went and ordered the materials; the boards were delivered on the 18th and Bob managed to get the 3M lengths of wood in his car (they delivered the insulation free but wanted almost £40 to deliver the wood).

The east side of the roof space had been cleared by Bob and Steve M5ZZZ a few weeks ago, so it was an almost straight forward job for Bob, Jason G7KPM, Les G1LQB and Peter 2E0FGA to get started on the work on Saturday morning 20th May; I arrived after most helpers had gone but did help until Bob decided to tear my finger with a protruding screw.  The east side is now competed and it is hoped to clear the west side next week so insulation can begin when help is available.

Les G1LQB and Bob G7AVU measuring the insulation board.

Not the easiest of places to work.


Having five minutes before going home.



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May 192017

Steve M5ZZZ, with moral support from Les G1LQB, operating the Special Event Station GB5DAM which was set up to remember the RAF Aircrew and the German Civilians who lost their lives in the famous raid on the Rhur Dams of Northern Germany.


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May 062017

Four members and three partners took part in, and enjoyed, the Fox Hunt organised by G4XFC.  Two cars set off from the view point on Tillbridge Lane just after 1300 hours; I was advised to join the ‘Fox’ (G4XFC) and his xyl at 1400 hours by which time he should have been found; how wrong Ian was.


After a traumatic morning I arrived at Willingham Woods, near Market Rasen just before 1400, I found the fox without any problems (I had been given explicit directions).


Ian was pleased to see me!!

I went to the car park looking for the hunters but no-one in sight.  Eventually Ian gave a BIG clue; I’m in WILLINGHAM WOODS, he said.

Stephen M6TSJ was the nearest and soon arrived at the woods, nowhere near the fox at this stage.  A while later Peter G1FLL arrived at the Woods but before he could start hunting on foot Stephen and Kat emerged from the undergrowth.

Stephens’s antenna certainly measured up to the job!!!

We concluded the day with Fox Casserole, sorry Chicken Casserole prepared by Pam.


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May 062017

LSWC members and their families had an impressive visit to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford on 29th April.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the visit although it could have done to have been a few hours longer to take everything in.  Thanks to Ian G4XFC for arranging the visit and to George M0XVR for driving the minibus and getting us home safely.

I started my visit at the Armoury Café and Kitchen and had a coffee before heading for the Land Warfare display; I called in at the Historic Duxford building on my way.

My next stop was the American Air Museum

Then I wandered across to the 1940 Operation Room passing the Amateur Radio shack on the way

and from there I went to the Conservation in Action Hanger

I then went to see the Battle of Britain display and then the Air and Sea section

The Flying Aircraft display was my next call and then back to the Armoury Café for another cup of coffee.

My final hanger was Air Space; then with just 15 minutes left for the bus I called in the shop; I wasn’t impressed with the prices so made my way to the bus.


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May 062017

Our recent Surplus Equipment Sale was well attended by amateurs from around Lincolnshire and surrounding counties.  As usual there were many bargains to be had; I bought some ear defenders to wear at committee meetings and when shooting.  Steve M5ZZZ and Ian G4XFC assisted our resident auctioneer Bob G7AVU by finding the items for sale and collecting money and Terry G7JFI, Treasurer and Ian G4EVK, Chairman, happily accepted payments and paid out at the end of the sale. Refreshments were served and photos taken by G4STO.


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Apr 132017

Time to sort our your Shack and make some more space for your new acquisitions

LSWC Surplus Equipment Sale on the 26th of April at the Village Hall Aisthorpe.

Booking in of sale items strictly between 18:00 and 19:30.

To save time in booking in your items, please download the booking in form and fill it in before you arrive.

The Village Hall will be open for viewing and refreshments from 19:45. There will be no general entry before 19:45 Sale will commence 20:15 . Refreshments will be on sale. Bring plenty of money and grab some bargains.

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