May 282016

A date for your diary – on 29th June 2016 there will be a Sausage and Burger night at the club.


The BBQ will be lit at around 1930 hours and food should be ready by 2000 hours. Everyone welcome but please see Pam and get your name on the list.

                       Burger                     Sausages 3

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May 282016

A dozen members of the club were given a tour of the Heritage Centre at RAF Scampton on 25th May.  RAF Scampton was one of just a few airfields which began life during World War One.  It was closed and then re-activated in 1936.

DSC_0111                         DSC_0115                                                                                                                           DSC_0127

The Chapel

In 1943 RAF Scampton became the home of their most famous squadron, 617 Squadron (The Dambusters) also known as Squadron X.  Photo courtesy of the internet.

Lancaster Bomber

DSC_0106 DSC_0107

Guy Gibson Guy Gibson's Desk with Nigger

Part of a Lancaster

                                     Fire Fighting RAF Bicycle

Roger and Chris

Scampton was also the home of the Avro Vulcan bomber during the Cold War period in the 1950s and 1960s; the Vulcan was armed with the Blue Steel nuclear deterrent.  (Vulcan photos taken from the internet).

Avro Vulcan                                  vulcanbombersunderland

RAF Scampton is now the home one of the world’s greatest aerobatic display teams. the Red Arrows which can be seen flying over our shack on a regular basis.

Red Arrows

Red Arrows 1 Red Arrow


Roger G3PVU


For a brief history of RAF Scampton go to

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May 222016

Members of Lincoln Short Wave Club were delighted that members of the Grantham, RAF Waddington, and Spalding Amateur Radio Clubs were able to join them on Saturday 21st May for a bite to eat and for LSWC to say ‘thank you’ for the support given by their members at the National Hamfest each year.  An enjoyable afternoon was had by all. It is hoped that this will be a fixture in the club’s calendar for many years to come.


A warm carvery of Beef, Pork, Turkey, Ham and Sausages


Hamfest Get-together - 4                  Hamfest Get-together - 1


Hamfest Get-together - Dora

Dora relaxing after a hard morning.


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Apr 282016

The Surplus Equipment Sale on 27th April was well attended by club members and other amateurs from around the county. With over 120 lots, there were many bargains to be had (see all those goody bags in the photos); I bought a Crock Pot. Ian G4EVK our Chairman and Rob 2E0FTJ assisted our resident auctioneer Bob G7AVU by finding the items for sale and Roger G3PVU, Treasurer and Steve M5ZZZ, Activity Officer happily accepted payments and paid out at the end of the sale. Refreshments were served and photos taken by G4STO. Our next Surplus Equipment Sale will be held on Wednesday 26th October 2016.

DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0051 DSC_0052 DSC_0054 DSC_0056 DSC_0057 DSC_0058 DSC_0060 DSC_0061 DSC_0063 DSC_0068

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Apr 262016

Lincoln Short Wave Club is hoping to run another Foundation Course in the near future. A date hasn’t been fixed yet but we hope it will start in the next few weeks. If you are interested please contact Pam Rose G4STO LSWC and Examinations Secretary via the contact tag above.

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Apr 122016

A very successful evening was had when 13+ 1st Willingham Cubs invaded the shack in order to have experience passing greetings messages on to other radio amateurs; this will go towards their Communications Badge.

We had planned on making contact with the Cherry Willingham Group but encountered a few problems so we fell back to our stand-by stations that helped to make the evening the success it was.

A BIG ‘thank you’ to Peter G1FLL and Ian G4XFC for putting on the station at Cherry Willingham; sorry it didn’t work out as planned: to Andy M0KED and Geoff 2E0YBG for being at home ready to speak to the cubs and to Simon 2E0DXE who put on the station for the cubs at the shack!! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. An even bigger thank you to Wockhardt UK Ltd for the Paracetamol (being in the shack with 13+ cubs seeing who could shout the loudest isn’t the most tranquil of places to be!!!!)















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Mar 052016

It was another successful day in the Village Hall today with all five candidates passing their Intermediate Examination; this is, of course, subject to confirmation by the Examination Department at the RSGB.
The photo shows back row left to right candidates Rick Ball, Simon Clark, Alan Beckett, Peter Meanwell and Geoffrey Booth; seated invigilators Steve M5ZZZ (left) and Roger G3PVU (right) and instructors Ian G4EVK and Ian G4XFC in the centre.

Intermedate Exam


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Feb 202016

Steve M5ZZZ putting the finishing touches (fitting the knobs) to the kitchen cupboards while some members take a well earned rest from the Intermediate Course and others taking a rest from watching Steve work.

Sat 20216 DSC_0065 Sat 20216 DSC_0064

The moment Steve realised the
knobs weren’t level.

Sat 20216 DSC_0066

Sat 20216 DSC_0067

After months of talking about it the cupboards are now fitted and filled.  Just need to clear the tops down and start using the contents of the cupboards.

Sat 20216 DSC_0069         Sat 20216 DSC_0070Sat 20216 DSC_0068


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Feb 062016

It isn’t all radio at the shack; these photos show M5ZZZ doing a bit of tiling and G3PVU and G1FLL contemplating cutting an additional shelf for the kitchen cupboard.

Sat 6216 - IMG_1026

Sat 6216 - IMG_1021  Sat 6216 - IMG_1022

Thanks Geoff M6YBG for the photos taken on his phone without a flash.

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