Dec 232014

Over three dozen members and their guests enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner at the Fox and Hounds in Willingham by Stow on Wednesday 17th December.  Below are a number of photographs taken during the night.

  Tom and Gerry     Sue, Fred, Chris, etc.


Sue and Peter


Steve Peter, Carolyn, James and Jonathan Patrick, Tom, William and Vicky Patrick and William Les's table Les, Patrick, Tom, Vicky and Alec Ken and Les    Keith, Jenny, George and back of Tom Keith and Jenny    Jenny, Steve and Tom Ian trying to look grumpy, he's succeeded   Hazelm Gerry, Pam and Kathleen Hazel, G6KGG's XYL George, Steve and Tom Fred, Ann, Peter, Sue, Louise, Dave, Mo and Chris Dave and Louise Chris, Ian and Mo     Cheers Bob    
Bob and Kathleen
Ann and Fred

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Oct 312014

The Surplus Equipment Sale was once again a great success albeit numbers were slightly down on previous sales. Below are a few pictures showing some of the equipment being sold together with some of our visitors and club members.

It is hoped to hold another Surplus Equipment Sale in April next year.

DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0012 DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0019 DSC_0020

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Oct 152014

There will be a Surplus Equipment Sale on Wednesday 29th October 2014 in the BSA Village Hall, Aisthrope, LN1 2SG.

The photos below show a few of the items being sold and some of the visitors to the surplus equipment sale in April this year.

Surplus Equipment Sale 30.4.2014         Surplus Equipment Sale 30.4.2014(1)

Booking in will commence at 1900 hours with the sale starting at 2015 hours.

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Oct 092014
Dave Wright's photo.A few members of the club (2E0LOT, M0KWM, M5ZZZ and G4XFC, spent Saturday and Sunday putting on a special event station at Heckington Mill.Heckington Windmill is the only 8-sailed tower windmill still standing in the UK with its sails intact. It was built in 1830 to plans by millwright Edward Ingeldew and has six storeys called “floors”: ground floor, meal floor, stone (stage) floor, lower bin floor, upper bin floor (hoist floor), dust or cap floor.


All set ready to get going GB2HWM special event station Heckington Windmill Threshing weekend
Photos ‘stolen’ from the Club’s Facebook page.
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Oct 082014

Gyrsakar                                   Gyrsakar and Bob

Above, a very popular visitor to Lincoln Short Wave Club, a Gyr Saker Arabian Falcon, which was brought to the club by Steve, G1PPA.  It is hoped to arrange for Steve to give a talk to the club early in 2015.

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Sep 072014

An Intermediate Course was successfully completed when David Kelly, Tom Williams, Victoria Williams and Fiona Farrer passed their exam which was held in the BSA Village Hall at Aisthorpe on Sunday 7th September 2014.

Intermediate Exam picture

Pictured l-r are David M6FSB, Tom M6TMO, Ian G4XFC (Course Instructor), Vicki M6VKW and Fiona.

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Aug 102014

The Intermediate Course is on schedule with practical work and assessment being carried out at the shack today, 10th August. Pictured are Ian G4XFC (Instructor), David M6FSB, Victoria M6VKW and Tom M6TMO.

DSC_0423 DSC_0420

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Aug 062014


Relaxing in the shack before work commenced.

For the amount of people that turned up to help at the shack this morning (26th July) there was a lot of varying activities; washing down the shack, work again on the SteppIR, repairs to the white board and Les found a use for some of the grease in the drum at the end of the shack and greased the trailer mast.
Les has found a use for the drum of grease at the end of the shack             Roger has taken over as supervisor - Copy

After the ends of the shack had been washed down Peter M0EJL and James G0EUN started painting whilst Steve M5ZZZ, Gerry G6KGG, Bob G7AVU and Pam G4STO concentrated on getting the north side washed down but had to be careful as Bob didn’t mind where he was throwing water! Oh yes the Village Hall had another load of gravel to level which Les G1LQB helped Steve with and then Village Hall Steve cut the grass.

Peter and James with Steve supervising

Roger G3PVU, Bob G3VRD and Stan 2E0SJP worked on the SteppIR. I think Rob M6FTJ sorted something in the loft for G7AVU but he couldn’t stay long and Ken G3NIC asked for a job but we were all too busy to sort something out for him. Pictured at below at the end of the shack. G7AVU on the ladder washing the wall down.

G7AVU now painting the shack - Copy                It was all going on at the shack and village hall today.  Steve levelling the gravel - Copy
Steve leveling the gravel

I don’t think I’ve missed anyone from the helpers. Also you will see from the photos I didn’t manage to get everyone while they were working, just while they were resting. Sorry Gerry and Steve.

Refreshments were prepared for the workers by G4STO.


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