May 252015

The shack was painted in 2013 but the weather didn’t stay good enough to get the shed done so a working party was arranged for Saturday 23rd May; unfortunately it was arranged the same day as another working party was emptying the caravan so it left just Peter M0EJL and Pam G4STO to get the brushes out.

Peter M0EJL


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May 242015

Members of Lincoln Short Wave Club were delighted that members of the Grantham, RAF Waddington, and Thorpe Camp Amateur Radio Clubs were able to join them on Saturday 16th May for a Celebration of Lincolnshire Fayre (prepared by Steve M5ZZZ and Pam G4STO) and to say ‘thank you’ for their support at the National Hamfest each year. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

Did we have a little too much to drink Work to be done on the aerials or was it the wine?

Keith fishing Keith M0KAN; no he isn’t fishing.

Les hard at it folding serviettes Les G1LQB wrapping cutlery

Lynn and Shirley Lynn and Shirley soaking up the sun

Our visitors enjoying Lincolnshire Fayre Members and guests enjoying the food.Peter's XYL, Peter and the two Bobs Peter’s xyl, Peter and the two Bobs

After the Celebration of Lincolnshire Fayre members took part in the special event station GB5DAM.

Alan, Ian and StanAlan G4VUA, Ian G4EVK and Stan 2E0SJP getting ready to operate the special event station

Ian and Stan

                                                                                             Ian and Stan

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May 132015

Ellis Mill


Once again a few members of LSWC took part in ‘Mills on Air’ and put on a special event station at Ellis Mill in Lincoln using the callsign GB5EM.   The transceiver used was an FT847 and used a dual band dipole and it really was a portable station as it was battery powered. An enjoyable day was had by Steve M5ZZZ, Steve G1PPP, Les G1LQB, Andy M0KED and Keith G0RQQ.

Steve at Ellis Mill

The photo shows Steve G1PPP working other Mills on th Air stations.

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May 092015

The Club is hoping to run an Intermediate Course in June with the examination in July. This course will take place on Saturdays and Sundays 13th/14th, 20th/21st, 27th/28th June with the examination taking place on Sunday 5th July.

If you would like to join this course then please contact Pam Rose G4STO, LSWC Secretary via the contact tag above or call in to the shack one Wednesday evening. Paperwork for the course has to be completed no later than Saturday morning 30th May.  If you haven’t already got one, the club has copies of the Intermediate Licence Course booklet at £6.99 each.

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Apr 302015

The Surplus Equipment Sale on 29th April was well attended by both club members and other amateurs from around the county. There were lots of bargains to be had; I bought a keyboard vacuum cleaner; my laptop has never been so dust free. Dave M1CCD and Steve M5ZZZ assisted our resident auctioneer Bob G7AVU by finding the items for sale and Ian G4EVK our Chairman and Roger G3PVU our Treasurer happily accepted payments and made payments at the end of the sale. Refreshments were served by G4STO and M5ZZZ.

Some of the items for sale Lots of goodies to be had Just five minuts before the start

Items for sale A few visitors waiting for the sale to start

   G7AVU the Club's resident auctioneer G4STO with 'assistant' M5ZZZ

Photos – M0KAN

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Apr 182015

The National Hamfest is fast approaching and you will see from the photo below that the Lincoln Short Wave Club is no newcomer to organising Hamfests. This was taken at the Hamfest in 1953 which was held at the Technical College, Monks Road, Lincoln.

Lincoln Hamfest 1953

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Mar 012015

I am hoping we have had another successful Foundation Course and Exam. All candidates taking the exam got the required pass mark but regrettably three of them have question marks against their names; two made alterations on the Optical Mark Sheet and the other completed his in blue ink instead of black. We have to wait now until we hear from the Examinations people at the RSGB; it is hoped they will be lenient.

Foundation Exm 1.3.15

Pictured are Andrew Mason, Francis Stephenson, Mark Clarke, Robert Radley, John Hancox and Peter Meanwell.

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Jan 292015
Steve Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon

Steve with the Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon

Professional Falconer Steve G1PPA gave a very informative talk on Falconry and displayed two of his birds that he brought along as part of his talk. A Goshawk and a Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon which took centre stage during the talk .

Steve with the Goshawk

Steve with the Goshawk

Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon

Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon

Steve with his Goshawk

Steve with his Goshawk


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