Dec 082017

The pictures below show members of the club at their Christmas Dinner, this year at the Fox and Hounds, Willingham by Stow.  Next year maps will be given out to ensure everyone finds the venue; unfortunately two of our members were within a couple of hundred yards but turned round and went home.  More pictures to follow soon.

From Steve M5XZZZs camera:


From Peter 2E0FGAs camera

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Nov 252017

Another successful Foundation Exam took place on Saturday 25th November when Charles, Adrian and Robbo passed their exam.  This result is, of course, subject to confirmation by the RSGB.  Les G1LQB was the main Instructor and Pam G4STO and Les were Invigilators.

Pictured l-r Charles, Adrian, Michael and Les (G1LQB).

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Nov 252017

The 25th Construction Contest for the Joe Rose Memorial Trophy was held on 22nd November 2017.  The photos below show the ATV transmitters constructed by Jason G7KWP and Adrian M0NWK.    Jason was awarded first prize.

Jason’s transmitter:

Adrian’s transmitter:

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Nov 042017

Another successful Used Equipment Sale was held at the end of October with lots of bargains to be had.  We had our regular visitors from surrounding clubs and some from a little further afield – Hull, York and Barry to name just three.  Bob G7AVU was our auctioneer; he had help from Steve M5ZZZ and Jason G7KPM; Ian G4EVK and Terry G7JFI gladly received the money.  Pam G4STO cooked a few hotdogs and made teas and coffee.

The date for our April sale in 25th April 2018.

Photos thanks to Jason G7KPM

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Nov 042017

Fifteen of us enjoyed Cumberland, ‘Old English’ (not sure which county these were from) and Lincolnshire sausages as part of National Sausage Week.  Weather was inclement (rained all morning) so we retreated to the Village Hall.  Sorry about the quality of the photos.

Help was at hand, Jackie preparing the rolls for the sausages.

I suggested Haggis for our next event but a few noses turned up!  I’ve read somewhere “Don’t fear the haggis. Just think of it as a big, round sausage. That’s what it is anyway.”

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Oct 212017

The club is holding a Foundation Course on Saturdays 11th, 18th and 25th November; the exam will be on the 25th November.

The course will be held in the shack from 12 noon to 6 p.m. with the exam in the village hall at 1 p.m. on the 25th.

If you are interested in joining this course please contact me via the contact link above.

LSWC Examination Secretary

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Oct 182017

From this:

To this!!

On Saturday 14th October members of the club celebrated Lincolnshire Sausage Day by eating delicious Lincolnshire Sausages.

It is UK Sausage Week from Monday 30th October to Sunday 5th November so there could well be another Sausage Event on Saturday 4th November.

Sorry about the quality of the photos; tablet still.

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Oct 172017

A few of our members will have a better idea of what to do if they find someone lying lifelessly on the ground!!  Ian G4EVK gave members a talk and demonstration on basic first aid.

A few photos from the evening taken on my tablet (camera not working).

The photo below shows Ian putting Stephen M6TSJ into the recovery position.

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