May 292012

Thank you for you patience and now trying to build up the new website as quickly as possible.

There was a rogue script that was backing up the website every 2.5 minutes which made it impossible to access the back-end of the website to sort it out. Because of this problem the website was switched off and it was decided that it would be easier and quicker to delete the website which would include the rogue script and start again from scratch. As we now know the cause of the problem (fingers crossed) it should not happen again.

Because this is now a NEW! website, all people who have registered in the past will now have to register again on this website.

Not allĀ  items will be relative to the pages until I have completed the pages so please have patience and I will post on the club Facebook site and on the website when different parts are completed.

The site will change as I keep building it up so please keep coming back to see how I am getting on.

73’s Ian G4XFC LSWC Amateur Webmaster & Whipping Boy

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