Jul 272012

On Wednesday 25th July about 30 members and xyl’s enjoyed our summer bar-be-cue night when Pam G4STO and Steve M5ZZZ cooked burgers and sausages for all present.

Pam was first to arrive followed closely by Steve in order to get the bar-be-cue set up in the BSA Club car park. In no time members and guests were flocking up ready to partake in our delicacies, well the burgers and sausages but this time there was a treat for those up to the challenge – Pam’s Autumn Fruit Chutney and Green Tomato Chutney; not sure whether participants were being polite or whether they actually liked them but the majority said the chutneys were good even ‘gorgeous’ was heard (I think it was chutney Steve was talking about and not me!!!); the sausages and burgers weren’t bad either.

I think everyone had enough to eat, if they didn’t then again they were being polite as there were 18 sausages and 18 rolls left. Yes, for once catering was almost ‘spot on’ quantity wise that is apart from fried onions which didn’t quite stretch to the last burger!

Social events are almost always well attended so Steve and Pam are planning something special in the coming months but you will have to wait until after the National Hamfest in September.

I am pleased to say the only thing missing this time was rain and wind!

Photos are now in the gallery.


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Jul 112012

There has recently been interest shown in the Foundation Course and there is a  possibility that Les G1LQB may be setting up a course in the near future. If you are interested you can sign up for the Foundation Course either on a Wednesday Evening or Saturday Morning and Les will be available  to sign you up for the course.

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