Sep 302012

I managed to try some AM during a 10m opening on 30 September and it was a great experience to hear so many AM stations from the US on the band.

Rob, W1AEX sent me an e-mail shortly after our  QSO.

It was great to hear you today on 10 meter AM. The attached mp3 file is a recording of the very fine G5FZ club station as we chatted today. Toward the end of the audio recording you can hear a bit of splatter from the station that was below us, but your signal was very strong so it was no problem at all. The screenshot below shows your S-9 signal on 29.023 along with 3 other stations up and down the band. It looks very much like the 1960’s again! I look forward to working your club members during the coming weeks!



The audio is here:

Thanks Rob 73s

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Sep 252012

It is sad to report that Sid has passed away in Ethiopia. Sid, a former member of LSWC has worked in Africa for a number of years.

He was instrumental in setting up the Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society and getting ET3AA on the air. LSWC and the National Hamfest donated a FT450 transceiver, which is the station’s main rig.

He enlisted the help of a US DX group who were able to get a large number of students at the  University of Ethiopia through the US licence exams including some to Extra Class.

He has a number of very prominent members of the Amateur Radio world who have taken a great interest in his work. His enthusiasm and drive has carried others along with him. He will be a great loss to the hobby.

Just a few days ago Sid sent an e-mail telling me that he would be flying into the UK and coming straight up to the National Hamfest. Sadly he didn’t make it.

The ET3AA website carries a very simple but heartfelt message

Sid presented Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society T shirts to members of the club.
Sid, ET3SID, Roger, G3PVU, Louise, 2E0LOT, Steve, M5ZZZ and Bob, G7AVU.  Sid’s daughter Linda is in the background.

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Sep 032012



It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Club member Alan Wiles, G4GDC. Alan passed away at home overnight.

The members of Lincoln Short Wave Club send our condolences to Alan’s family and partner Helen.

Alan has been unwell for some time and recently had a short time in hospital. It looked as though he was gradually improving so it has come as a great shock that we receive this sad news.

Alan has been a great friend to the Club, not only with help and assistance but with the use of his facilities at his home and the hosting of barbeques for us. He has been very generous to the Club. If it had not been for Alan’s assistance, the Club would not have found a home at Aisthorpe, when it was in dire need.

Alan was elected to serve as a committee member but has been unable to attend recently because of his illness. This has not stopped several of the committee seeking Alan’s advice individually when visiting him. He was always good company.

A large number of Club members attended Alan’s funeral at Scampton church. Many others were unable to attend due to work commitments. After a service in the Church, the courtege travelled to Aisthorpe Church yard for Alan’s burial. Mourners then met family at a reception at the BSA Social Club.

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