Feb 272013

Due to a significant upgrade to the Gallery section of the website, some pictures in the posts will not be visible. This is an ongoing process of updating the website and some other things are not working properly, I am busy sorting it all out now and hope to have it all fixed soon. Ian G4XFC

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Feb 132013

I am pleased that some members of the club are now having CW QSO’s on the bands, I have put information on the Morse Crusade website for anyone wishing to start learning Morse.

There is a large interest for learning Morse now, as I have just given a successful Morse Presentation at Sheffield ARC and I will be doing another Morse Presentation at  Pontefract DARC in June.

Remember that I am not a Morse Trainer as you are able to do that at home on your computer, I am a Morse Mentor and I am willing to help you through the process of learning Morse. The Morse Crusade website is full of information to help you through the learning Process.

Feb 032013

Summits on the Air Logo

The club was given a very interesting talk about how Summits on the Air works and the difference between the “Activator” of the summit (Mountain Goat) and the “Chaser”  (Shack Sloth) by Mike 2E0YYY a prolific “Mountain Goat” himself.

It is well organised and has a web database to confirm contacts for the point system. Activated summits have different point due to the accessibility of the summit rather than the height of it. By going to SOTAwatch2 it gives a list of active summits marked in red and it is updated in real time. the page also lists advance notice of summits that are going to be activate. This page is a must for chasers.

If you are interested in joining in, then there is a comprehensive page here and you must Register As A Sota Participant

Mike 2E0YYY

Mike 2E0YYY

Tim M6ZRT has registered the club call G6COL with SOTA so the club can participate from the shack and has said he is willing to fill in the SOTA database if members give him their logs. The time on the logs for each contact must be accurate or the club will not get the points. Tim is also willing to organise expeditions to summits to show members how to activate the summits. Contact Tim for more information.

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Feb 012013

Tim and SteveTuesday 29th January started the contest season for the Lincoln Short Wave Club with a leisurely 70MHz UKAC. The UKAC contests are ideal for newcomers to the hobby giving a relaxed introduction to contesting.

This photo shows Tim, M6ZRT, at the mike being mentored by Steve, M5ZZZ.


Chris, M6NDT, was making a manual log; Chris prefers more of a ‘rag chew’ but assures me he will have a go at the next UKAC. Bob, G7AVU, was also there and very concerned about the aerials which were turning freely in the high winds; this made it difficult to work other contesters although some 30 odd stations were successfully worked.

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