Jan 202014

The following club members were elected onto the Committee at the Annual General meeting on 15th January 2014:

Chairman – Mark, M0ZLE
Secretary – Pam, G4STO
Treasurer – Roger, G3PVU
Activity Officer – Steve, M5ZZZ
Committee members – Ian – G4XFC, Les – G1LQB, Gerry – G6KGG,
Louise – 2E0LOT, Dave – M0KWM and Bob – G7AVU.

Contact details for committee members are available in the shack and members list which will be distributed to all members at the beginning of March.

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Jan 012014

2013 had its ups and downs, we were the successful winners of the RSGB National club of the Year Award and again the National Hamfest was bigger and better than last year. We have put on some successful stations for the Scouts and though Boultham Park event was draining with the heat it was still enjoyed by all.

The latest strong winds destroyed all the aerials on our mast and now down to a long wire for operations in the shack, we should have the aerials sorted out in Jan/Feb 2014.

The sad news was the passing away of Geoff G2FHM who died on the 29th of December aged 93. Geoff was a fountain of knowledge and was one of the Bevin Boys during WW2. Our heartfelt wishes got out to his family, he will be sadly missed.

Lets hope 2014 will be a very good year for the club



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