Mar 262014

Arrangements are in hand to hold a Foundation Course at the club commencing Saturday morning 10th May. This course will be run by George M0XVR and will take place over two weekends 10th/11th May and 17th/18th May followed by the examination on Saturday 24th May. If you are interested in joining this course then, in the first instance, please contact Pam Rose, LSWC Secretary via the contact tab above.

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Mar 232014


Wednesday 26th March 2014


Presented by Graham Coomber G0NBI

RSGB General Manager

Aisthorpe Village Hall

2000 hours for 2015 hours

All Welcome

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Mar 102014

Morse KeyDue to a lot of interest in Morse at the club, an informal Morse Group will meet at the BSA Club at 8:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month. Discussions will include learning Morse using the Koch Method, receiving problems, sending techniques and using Morse on the bands. The meetings will be hosted by RSGB Morse Assessor Ian G4XFC, founder of the Morse Crusade. Bring you own Morse Key and practice sending in a QSO environment.

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Mar 092014

ATX Power SupplyFor the Homebrewer, having a multi voltage power supply can be very handy especially if you are just experimenting. A cheap switched power supply used in computers can give you all the power you need for your experiments, but the problem is that it will not power up when disconnected from the computer.

The solution is easier than you think, due to the fact that there is a standard colour code used by most manufactures of ATX power supplies and you don’t need to open the box to get it up and running. Although there is a lot of wires, same colour wires can be connected together and surplus wires can be cut off.

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Mar 072014

G3LIQ / G4ERZ Top Band Vertical 50Ohm Coax feed. Info by G4SEF (Corrected by G4XFC)

Top Band VerticalThe original publication by G4SEF had a mistake in wire size quoting 1.2 AWG which is over 7mm instead of 1.2mm magnetic wire, which fits into the length of the designed loading coil.

For practical and economical purposes I recalculated the loading coil with 16 AWG (1.25mm) magnetic wire. Calculation on the original publication meant that over 52mtrs of wire was needed for the loading coil which meant you had to purchase a 1Kg roll to wind the coil as their is approx 92mtrs of wire to the Kg (40mtrs of unused 16AWG wire in the shack).

Calculations based on the original loading coil with a length of 22″ and dia of 1.32″ using 1.2mm wire produced an inductance of 373 micro henry’s with 446 turns which meant a length of wire 52mtrs long. I calculated the loading coil based on using .5KG of (approx 45mtrs of 1,25mm wire) which is 400 turns on the same diameter and the length of the coil is 500mm with a calculated inductance of 353 micro henry’s.

Doing an internet search, I discovered a supplier in Ripon that sells .5kg reels of 1.25mm magnetic wire for £9.46 plus delivery and discounts for bulk buys if a group get together to buy it at the same time.

The original publication can be found here with more information on the short vertical.

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Mar 012014

Wednesday 26th March 2014


Presented by Graham Coomber G0NBI

RSGB General Manager

Aisthorpe Village Hall


Wednesday 30th April 2014


Aisthorpe Village Hall

Items for sale check in from 19.00. Auction starts 20.00 prompt


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