May 252014

Three more Foundation Licence candidates passed their examination on Saturday 24th May.


 From left to right Keith, Rob and David; George M0XVR – Course Leader, Louise 2E0LOT – 1st Invigilator
and Peter G1FLL – Second Invigilator.

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May 252014


The Surplus Equipment Sale on 30th April was well attended by both club members and other amateurs from around the county. Surplus equipment was a little down on previous sales but there were still many bargains to be had.

Ian G4XFC assisted our resident auctioneer Bob G7AVU by finding the items for sale and Mark M0ZLE our Chairman and Roger G3PVU our Treasurer happily accepted payments and made payments at the end of the sale.      DSC_0180        DSC_0183

You will see from the photographs that the equipment for sale isn’t necessarily associated with radio; I used to work in the publicity department of a semiconductor factory and saw ‘top hat’ transistors and I don’t remember them being anything like the hats we had for sale!


It is hoped to hold another Surplus Equipment/Junk Sale at the end of October.

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May 152014

Dambusters Memorial Station GB5DAM

On the 16th /17th May 1943 19 Lancaster bombers of 617 Squadron RAF took off from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire armed with the now famous Bouncing Bomb invented by Barnes Wallis. The raid was led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC The aircraft took off in three groups, Group One led by Gibson took off in three waves of three aircraft at ten minute intervals starting at 21.39,, their mission was to attack the Mohne and Elder dams. Group Two consisting of 5 aircraft took off at 21.28 taking the longer northern route to attack the Sorpe dam. Group Three also consisting of five aircraft took off later at 00.09 they were a reserve group if the Mohne, Elder and Sorpe were breached they were to attack the Lister, Ennepe and Diemel dams. The code words sent back in Morse code to the operations room in Grantham were “Goner” meaning bomb dropped “Nigger Gibson’s Black Labrador who was run over by a car on the evening of the mission” meaning the Mohne was breached and “Dinghy” meaning the Sorpe was breached. Five bombs were dropped before the Mohne was breached. The Elder dam took three bombs to breach it and Sorpe despite several attacks was only slightly damaged. Only eleven aircraft returned to Scampton out of the nineteen aircraft which took off.. Of the survivors, 34 were decorated at Buckingham Palace on 22 June, with Gibson awarded the Victoria Cross. There were five Distinguished Service Orders, 10 Distinguished Flying Crosses and four bars, two Conspicuous Gallantry Medals, and eleven Distinguished Flying Medals and one bar. The Lincoln Short Wave Club shack is less than 1 mile from RAF Scampton 71 years ago you could have watched the aircraft take off and count them back in again.

The Memorial Station will be active on 40 & 80 mtrs from 2100 hrs on Friday the 16th May till 0900 hrs on Saturday the 17th of May from the LSWC Shack in Aisthorpe and any club member can operate the GB5DAM station as it will be a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

May 072014


International Mills Weekend

Sunday 11th May 2014 10.00 – 16.00


LSWC intend to operate from two historic windmills this year. Heckington Windmill GB2HWM on your left and as usual Ellis Mill GB5EM pictured to your right. If you are interested in helping with any aspect of operating these stations please contact Dave M0KWM who is coordinating Heckington Mill or Steve M5ZZZ who will coordination Ellis Mill, there are cafeteria facilities close to both mills, weather permitting it should be a lovely day out.

Dambusters Memorial GB5DAM

16th / 17th May 2014

The Club will be running GB5DAM from the shack, it is hoped to run the station from 21.00 on the 16th through to 09.00 on the 17th. Help will be needed to operate through the night if you are interested please contact Steve M5ZZZ. This event has been a great success in the past with hugh pile ups.

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