Jul 132014


You probably haven’t noticed it’s gone but if you have noticed, have you wondered what happened to it, that’s the pile of rubbish that was left at the west end of the shack. Well I took it home and practiced being an arsonist!  I left the container of grease for others to deal with.

      DSC_0379 DSC_0380

I suggest nothing is left lying around or it may end up at the bottom of my garden! 

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Jul 132014

I met Steve M5ZZZ at the shack at 0830 on Saturday to pick up the equipment for Boultham Park Fair; why do we always leave everything we do to the last minute? I got there early so emptied the shed to get to the generator then, after getting the generator out, replaced everything I had got out only to see the white board we needed behind what I had put back, it stayed there! Both cars full we set off for Boultham about 0850.

We arrived at Boultham Park soon after 0900 where Tom G4OSB and Ian G4EVK were waiting for us; it wasn’t long before Peter M0EJL, Andy M6LCN and Roger G3PVU with his grand-daughter Laura, arrived to help. We soon got the Coleman shelter up shortly followed by the mast.

DSC_0381 - Copy                DSC_0384

Radio connected Peter was the first operator followed by Andy, then Tom on CW.  Do we have a prospective licencee with Laura seen below having a tune around.

DSC_0387                           DSC_0394

We were privileged to have a flypast by a Spitfire:


Other members and former members that visited the station were Jim G0EJQ, Don M0CES, Pete G8HMZ and Derek & Kath Seeds. If I’ve missed anyone out sorry.

1500 hours arrived so we decided to pack up, that is Tom, Peter, Roger and Pam.  Pam is sorry but she was not able to cart stuff to the shed or up in the loft so left them in the shack for someone else to put away!!!

Since posting the above pictures I have received another two photographs the one on the left shows most of us just sit around drinking tea and coffee and the one on the right shows we didn’t check the mast to make sure it was straight!!    It also shows we had an almost cloudless day.

photo 1                  photo 2

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Jul 132014

Several members took part in VHF NFD again this year; I think tempers were a little fraught whilst setting up in the morning but things had calmed down by the time I returned to prepare the sausages and burgers with help from Louise 2E0LOT in the evening.


We did wonder where the frying pan had disappeared to only to find it being used as an antenna!!!!

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Jul 132014

Another successful Sausage and Burger Night was held at the Club on July 2nd.  Unfortunately it was almost dark before I got my camera out!

Featured below are Tom G4OSB, James G0EUN and Chris 2E0NDT

BBQ2and Alec G4OIP, Bob G3VRD, Tom G4OSB and Roger G3PVU








Steve M5ZZZ clearing up


 The evening was so successful it was decided to hold another Sausage and Burger Night at VHF NFD.

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