Dec 232014

Over three dozen members and their guests enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner at the Fox and Hounds in Willingham by Stow on Wednesday 17th December.  Below are a number of photographs taken during the night.

  Tom and Gerry     Sue, Fred, Chris, etc.


Sue and Peter


Steve Peter, Carolyn, James and Jonathan Patrick, Tom, William and Vicky Patrick and William Les's table Les, Patrick, Tom, Vicky and Alec Ken and Les    Keith, Jenny, George and back of Tom Keith and Jenny    Jenny, Steve and Tom Ian trying to look grumpy, he's succeeded   Hazelm Gerry, Pam and Kathleen Hazel, G6KGG's XYL George, Steve and Tom Fred, Ann, Peter, Sue, Louise, Dave, Mo and Chris Dave and Louise Chris, Ian and Mo     Cheers Bob    
Bob and Kathleen
Ann and Fred

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