Jul 272015

Club members and their guests certainly know how to enjoy themselves while Steve M5ZZZ and Pam G4STO slaved over a hot bar-be-cue on 1st July providing beef burgers and Lincolnshire sausages together with a fresh red and green salad; oh yes and veggie burgers and sausages.

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Jul 122015

Legsby Primary School arrive at G5FZ HQ

I was asked to give a talk about Morse Code to Legsby Primary School as part of their communications project, which was successful and invited the pupils to visit our club shack at Aisthorpe.

On the 30th of June the children arrived and enjoyed a day at the shack doing various things, I was helped by Pam G4STO, Peter G1FLL and Bob  G7AVU the children enjoyed the visit with most of them enjoying Bobs talk on amateur television.

Photos by Pam G4STO can be viewed here

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