Sep 302015

LSWC were active in the UKAC 4MContest on Tuesday 29th.  Steve M5ZZZ opened the shack up and was joined by Chris 2E0BMA and Keith M0KAN, using the club call sign G6COL.  Steve started off on the mic with Chris logging; it was a slow start with 7 qso being made in the first half hour then Steve left and Chris jumped on the mic with Keith logging.  Things started to pick up and Chris worked a further 34 contacts giving a total of 41 with 8 different locator squares worked so well done guys.  Steve G1PPA was late home and could not make it to the club at short notice so operated from home and worked 30 stations and 10 different locator squares.  Not a bad night as this was arranged at short notice.  The group is looking forward to the 70cms contest on Saturday and all are welcome.

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Sep 182015

Thanks go to Keith M0KAN, Ian G4EVK and Chris 2E0BMA for putting the 23cm antenna on the tower last Saturday; the coax, swr etc still need checking but this will be done this week. However all was not lost, after struggling with noise issues and power supply problems for the last 3 days, Bob G7AVU worked hard and finally, at 8.45 on Tuesday night, managed to get on the air on 23cm and worked 16 stations including IO74 square in Scotland and IO91 in London the points going to LSWC; well done and thank you Bob. LSWC is now listed on 3 bands this month.  In October the shack will be open on Tuesday 6th for the 144mhz and on the 20th for the 23cm UKAC contests.

There is a 70cm and 23cm 24 hour contest on 3rd/4th October and if there is enough interest then the club will take part in it.  If you are interested in taking part in this contest please let Keith M0KAN or Steve G1PPA know.

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Sep 092015

Keith M0KHN opened up the shack in order to take part in the 70cms club contest on 8th September. Keith was joined by Steve G1PPA and Chris 2E0BMA and they used the club’s vhf callsign G6COL. Equipment used was the FT847 but the start was slow as the power lead kept cutting out; this was due to a faulty connection and once sorted they quickly worked a Scottish station. There was a lot of activity to the east but they struggled to work JO squares but beaming south they managed to work IO92 and IO91 squares. The station was operated by Chris and Steve while Keith was busy doing the logging; 35 contacts were logged. They propose to do both 144mhz and 70cm again in October and possibly the most interesting band, 23cm. If anyone is interested they will also open up the shack for the 50mhz and 70mhz contests.
Please contact either Steve or Keith if you are interested in taking part in any of these contests.

Chris and Keith 70cm Contest 8.9.2015

The photo shows Chris and Keith.

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