Jan 302016

On Wednesday 27th January Andrew Garratt M0NRD, Chairman of the South Kesteven Amateur Club, gave an interesting and informative presentation on how to fly high altitude balloons.  Of particular interest was the “Pig in Space” balloon launched at last year’s National Hamfest and the earlier Eggsplorer-1 “Egg in Space” mission.

Andrew described the processes involved in design of the payload and trackers.  He also described how to prepare for a flight, obtaining clearance and everything involved in predicting the flight, tracking it and retrieving it.

The pictures below show the preparations for the launch, the launch and pig in ‘space’ and the retrieved balloon and payload.

DSC_0534      DSC_0536  DSC_0539     DSC_0549  DSC_0552       DSC_0556 HAB PIG 12_31_51 HAB PIG 12_33_51


HAB Balloon retrieval IMAG0554


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Jan 242016

Another Intermediate Course is on schedule with the group being split into two; practical work being carried out in the shack while other candidates were learning antenna theory with Ians G4XFC and G4EVK.  Pictured are from front to back Simon M6XSY, Alan M6OAY and Rick M6FXU who are building their ‘Pixie’ 7MHz QRP CW Tranceivers.

Intermediate candidate construction

Photo – thanks Peter M0EJL.

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Jan 232016

Once permission to move the two metre repeater – GB3LM from the clock room to the top of the stairs by the 70 centimetre repeater – GB3LS was obtained Bob – G7AVU got a working party together to get the move made.  The working party Bob, Clive – G8EQZ, Lyndon – M0LDR, Alistair – M0TEF, Andy – M0KED and Rick – M6FXU climbed the 365 steps (several times) and got the work done on 16th January.

Bob will be pleased to receive reception reports for GB3LM.

IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0594 IMG_0596 IMG_0598

Photos – thank you M6FXU.

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