Aug 082016

What better way could Tom, G4OSB celebrate his 80th Birthday?
About 30 of his friends from LSWC together with XYLs and a couple of children joined Tom at the shack for a Sausage and Burger afternoon prepared by Pam, G4STO and her ‘assistant’ Steve, M5ZZZ. Pam and Steve did Tom proud with the specially selected Sausages and Burgers, salads and sweets. Pam was up until gone mid-night on Friday preparing trifles and fruit salad for the occasion; the sherry trifle was quickly consumed!!!
A big ‘thank you’ to all who helped make Tom’s Birthday special. Below are a few photos from the day.


We didn’t manage to get a photo of Tom on the day so this is one I had from our visit to Boultham Fair in July 2015 when he was a mere 78 and a bit years old!


Pam’s Car Boot

James G0EUN, one of Pam's lottle helpers                                                   James one of Pam’s helpers

   DSC_0234      DSC_0232

Steve doing some cooking                          Some of the guests

20160806_140141           20160806_141321.           20160806_142033a DSC_0243          DSC_0242DSC_0241          DSC_0238DSC_0236          20160806_140115

DSC_0244          DSC_0245

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Aug 062016

For many years Gerry, G6KGG, has been a loyal and hard-working member of the Lincoln Short Wave Club. He was there when we set up the Permanent Special Event Station at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby, he also helped with fitting out our shack at Aisthorpe and you could always rely on Gerry being there at Special Event Stations and Contests and he has helped get numerous candidates through their Foundation and Intermediate Exams. In recognition of this hard work it was agreed to award Gerry with Honorary Life Membership of the Club and Peter, M0EJL, (Chairman of the Club when we set up EK and when we moved to Aisthorpe) and Pam, G4STO, (Secretary) had pleasure in presenting Gerry with his Certificate of Honorary Life Membership on the 5th August 2016. Hazel, Gerry’s XYL, and Carolyn, Peter’s XYL, were also at the presentation.


L-R Pam G4STO, Gerry G6KGG and Peter M0EJL

Gerry's Presentation


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