Jan 272017

Home Brew Magnetic LoopOn Wednesday 25th Jan Ian G4XFC gave a very informative talk on the Magnetic Loop aerial explaining the principles of the loop and showing that they were not as difficult to make as often perceived. The talk mainly concentrated on making a QRP portable loop that can be assembled and operated in less than 5 minutes.

Tuning Capacitor Box for a 5 foot Magnetic Loop
The talk has motivated some of the members to have a go making a portable loop for themselves, which was the main purpose of Ian’s talk. Because of this Ian has decided to have a Magnetic Loop workshop on Saturday the 18th of February at the club shack.

Photos courtesy of Pam G4STO

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Jan 142017

Another successful day at the Village Hall with 7 members of the Lincs 4×4 Response Group passing their Foundation Examination. It was touch and go whether or not this examination would take place as members of the group had been put onto standby by the Red Cross and Lincs Resilience Forum for potential flooding on the bank of the Humber. Luckily the Humber behaved itself.

Pictured l-r Simon Wray, Darrell Storey, Christopher Harris, Christopher Birch, Ian G4XFC (Tutor), Benjamyn Damazeri, Arthur Harrison and David Mowbray.


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Jan 122017

The Annual General Meeting of the Club took place on Wednesday 11 January 2017 and the following members were elected onto the Committee:

Chairman – Ian G4EVK
Secretary – Pam G4STO
Treasurer – Terry G7JFI
Activity Officer – Ian G4XFC
Ordinary Committee Members
Alistair – M0TEF
Bob – G7AVU
Les – G1LQB
Roger G3PVU
Steve M5ZZZ

Item 13 on the agenda was presentation of awards and the photo below shows Peter M0EJL being presented with the Joe Rose Memorial Trophy for Construction.  Other photos show members present at the AGM.

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Jan 092017

Another busy Saturday at the club: the first of the 2017 Foundation Courses started with 10 candidates from Lincs 4×4. The practical elements of the course were completed with help from G1FLL, M0EJL, G1LQB and 2E0FGA; 2E0YBG was at the end of a radio at home. While this was going on Ian G4EVK replaced a switch in the photocopier and Roger G3PVU was looking for faults in another piece of equipment.




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