Dec 302017

Please note change of date for the Annual General Meeting.

Out of respect to Peter, G1FLL, the Annual General Meeting has been postponed and will now be held on Wednesday 17th January; 2000 hours for 2015 hours in the Village Hall.

Pam Rose G4STO
LSWC Secretary

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Dec 192017

Peter G1FLL sadly became a silent key on the morning of Sunday 17th December 2017.  Peter had been a member of the Lincoln Short Wave Club since the early nineties when we met at the City Engineers Club in Lincoln.  Peter had been on the committee of the club for many years and was always there helping at Special Event Stations and Contests.  Peter will be sadly missed by all at Lincoln Short Wave Club and by many others with whom he came into contact.  RIP.

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Dec 082017

The pictures below show members of the club at their Christmas Dinner, this year at the Fox and Hounds, Willingham by Stow.  Next year maps will be given out to ensure everyone finds the venue; unfortunately two of our members were within a couple of hundred yards but turned round and went home.  More pictures to follow soon.

From Steve M5XZZZs camera:


From Peter 2E0FGAs camera

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