Aug 042018

After the excitement of our aborted foundation exam on the 28th July everything went almost smoothly this morning; the taxi didn’t turn up for Lyon and Liz and they had to get a lift from a neighbour, they arrived at the village hall at 11 minutes to 10 with the exam starting at 10!!

The village hall set out exactly as I had indicated on the exam layout – plenty of room between candidates.  Thanks Peter, Les and David, supervised by Celia; if I’ve missed anyone sorry.

The successful candidates; back row l to r Andy, David and Mick, front Lyon.

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Jun 092018

The change of day and time was a disappointment to some of our regular visitors to the surplus equipment sales but it meant others could come, some on their way to the Spalding Rally.

We had visitors from Newcastle, York, Hull, Mansfield and Grantham to name a few places; most visitors were able to pick up a bargain or two or got rid of some of their surplus.

Below are a few photos from the day; sorry about the quality I really must invest in a new camera!!


Just to prove G4STO was actually at the sale; she looks a little aggressive but that’s because she’s concentrating.

Our next surplus equipment sale will be on Wednesday 24th October 2018 with booking in from 1830 hours.

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Jun 072018


Lincoln Short Wave Club is running a Foundation Course on Saturdays 21st and 28th July with the examination on Saturday 28th July at 1700 hours.

Anyone interested in joining this course should contact Pam G4STO on or before the 7th July via the contact form on this website; Pam is at the club Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings by arrangement.

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May 222018

On Saturday G3PVU, G1LQB, G0RQQ and M0TEF started work on getting the 6M HB9CV beam up and running unfortunately they didn’t get finished before having to go home.

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May 142018

Peter 2E0FGA, Les G1LQB, Alistair M0TEF and Keith G0RQQ took part in Mills on the air from Ellis Mill in Lincoln on Sunday 13th May.  Shock came with a station coming in on 2m FM from near Wolverhampton during setup although GB5EM was not set up correctly to work them at that time.  Despite a noise level between S5-9 a few contacts were made; even Les had a contact on HF.  Contact was also made with Tim M0ZRR a former member of the club and now living in Shepshed.


Keith G0RQQ reenacting “the thinker” by Rodin


Unfortunately Mills on the Air coincides with the Lincoln Grand Prix making it difficult for others to get there as the traffic management kept everybody out of the race area.


Photos M0TEF & 2E0FGA

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Apr 112018

Tonight Jason G7KPM gave a 10 minute talk on his home brew J-Pole dual band antenna; the design was taken from the ARRL Manual.   The J-Pole is an effective, low cost antenna made from bits available from Birketts and the local DIY store. This antenna will go well with the new Baofeng dual band radios recently ordered by the club and is a possible project for future candidates on the Intermediate Course.

Other topics in the ’10 minute talk’ category were Potholes – Les G1LQB and Wine and Whisky – everyone.

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Mar 172018

The first named invigilator was in trepidation mode for her first ‘on-line’ examination; would everything be as straight forward as the paper based exams?  Yes.  There was a slight hiccup at the beginning; she had forgotten where the PIN number was to be found and she had left her paperwork at home but Peter (2E0FGA) the second invigilator was more organised and had his copy with him so this was soon sorted and the exam began only to be followed shortly afterwards by the Model Railway people delivering equipment to their room; the wind was so strong the adjoining door kept blowing open.  Luckily they were only there about five minutes.

This interruption didn’t put our candidates off; Clive M6BGR and Stephen M6TSJ successfully completed their Intermediate Course by passing the examination.

Peter and Les (G1LQB) just before the exam.


Clive and Stephen just prior to starting their exam


and Stephen and Clive after passing it.                                   Stephen, Clive, Les and Peter.


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Jan 302018

The club now has a full Committee as follows:


Chairman – Roger – G3PVU
Secretary – Pam – G4STO
Treasurer – Roger – G3PVU
Activity Officer – Steve – M5ZZZ


Ian – G4EVK
Alistair – M0TEF
Les – G1LQB
Peter – 2E0FGA
Adrian – M0NWK
Bob – G7AVU
Stephen – M6TSJ

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