Apr 132017

Time to sort our your Shack and make some more space for your new acquisitions

LSWC Surplus Equipment Sale on the 26th of April at the Village Hall Aisthorpe.

Booking in of sale items strictly between 18:00 and 19:30.

To save time in booking in your items, please download the booking in form and fill it in before you arrive.

The Village Hall will be open for viewing and refreshments from 19:45. There will be no general entry before 19:45 Sale will commence 20:15 . Refreshments will be on sale. Bring plenty of money and grab some bargains.

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Jan 272017

Home Brew Magnetic LoopOn Wednesday 25th Jan Ian G4XFC gave a very informative talk on the Magnetic Loop aerial explaining the principles of the loop and showing that they were not as difficult to make as often perceived. The talk mainly concentrated on making a QRP portable loop that can be assembled and operated in less than 5 minutes.

Tuning Capacitor Box for a 5 foot Magnetic Loop
The talk has motivated some of the members to have a go making a portable loop for themselves, which was the main purpose of Ian’s talk. Because of this Ian has decided to have a Magnetic Loop workshop on Saturday the 18th of February at the club shack.

Photos courtesy of Pam G4STO

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Jul 202016

Foundation Licence Now Book Lincoln Short Wave Club is pleased to announce a new Foundation Licence Course to be held at Aisthorpe Village Hall on Saturday the 29th of October for two Saturdays, with the Exam being held on the second Saturday afternoon.

The Foundation Licence is the entry level to Amateur Radio, that allows you transmit on the Amateur Bands with a power of 10 watts. More information here.

The cost of the course which includes the cost of your Amateur Radio Licence is £45 and if you wish to purchase the “Foundation Licence Now!” book which you will need for the course, the club offers them at £5. The course is suitable for age 12 upwards and is mandatory to progress to the next “Intermediate Licence” stage. Please use the “Contact” form for more information.

Jul 122015

Legsby Primary School arrive at G5FZ HQ

I was asked to give a talk about Morse Code to Legsby Primary School as part of their communications project, which was successful and invited the pupils to visit our club shack at Aisthorpe.

On the 30th of June the children arrived and enjoyed a day at the shack doing various things, I was helped by Pam G4STO, Peter G1FLL and Bob  G7AVU the children enjoyed the visit with most of them enjoying Bobs talk on amateur television.

Photos by Pam G4STO can be viewed here

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Jan 292015
Steve Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon

Steve with the Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon

Professional Falconer Steve G1PPA gave a very informative talk on Falconry and displayed two of his birds that he brought along as part of his talk. A Goshawk and a Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon which took centre stage during the talk .

Steve with the Goshawk

Steve with the Goshawk

Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon

Peregrine x Gyr/Saker Falcon

Steve with his Goshawk

Steve with his Goshawk


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Jan 232015

A new feature for the Lincoln Short Wave Club is Classified Adverts that you can post yourself (Ads will be approved by Admin before being displayed)

You do not have to be a member of the Club to post your Ads on this feature, but all ads will be moderated and if found to be commercial then a fee will be required before the advert is displayed.

Note: You have reply to the email verification that you will be sent before you items will be sold, be sure to check your SPAM Inbox incase it has ended up there.

Start selling your surplus equipment here

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Jun 282014

Foundation SuccessSuccessful candidates for the Foundation Exam held at Aithorpe Village Hall on the 28th of June 2014 Left to Right, Lead Trainer Ian G4XFC, Tom Williams, Vicky Williams, Fiona Farrar and Ian Smith.

Ian is planning an Intermediate Course for the end of July and all places have been filled for this course.

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