Jan 272017

Home Brew Magnetic LoopOn Wednesday 25th Jan Ian G4XFC gave a very informative talk on the Magnetic Loop aerial explaining the principles of the loop and showing that they were not as difficult to make as often perceived. The talk mainly concentrated on making a QRP portable loop that can be assembled and operated in less than 5 minutes.

Tuning Capacitor Box for a 5 foot Magnetic Loop
The talk has motivated some of the members to have a go making a portable loop for themselves, which was the main purpose of Ian’s talk. Because of this Ian has decided to have a Magnetic Loop workshop on Saturday the 18th of February at the club shack.

Photos courtesy of Pam G4STO

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Mar 152013

Atlanta Radio Club hosted an evening with Martin F. Jue and have posted a series of videos on You Tube where Martin gives a series of demonstration on how you can use MFJ’s Antenna Analysers. Well worth watching for those who like to play about with antennas and a list of the 20 videos can be found here.  More video’s of the MFJ Antenna Analyser can be found here

Thanks to Des G4UHZ for pointing me in the direction of these links.