Mar 102014

Morse KeyDue to a lot of interest in Morse at the club, an informal Morse Group will meet at the BSA Club at 8:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month. Discussions will include learning Morse using the Koch Method, receiving problems, sending techniques and using Morse on the bands. The meetings will be hosted by RSGB Morse Assessor Ian G4XFC, founder of the Morse Crusade. Bring you own Morse Key and practice sending in a QSO environment.

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Feb 132013

I am pleased that some members of the club are now having CW QSO’s on the bands, I have put information on the Morse Crusade website for anyone wishing to start learning Morse.

There is a large interest for learning Morse now, as I have just given a successful Morse Presentation at Sheffield ARC and I will be doing another Morse Presentation at  Pontefract DARC in June.

Remember that I am not a Morse Trainer as you are able to do that at home on your computer, I am a Morse Mentor and I am willing to help you through the process of learning Morse. The Morse Crusade website is full of information to help you through the learning Process.