Mar 242019

Jim Stevenson, G0EJQ

Playing about with radios from an early age Jim was interested in radio for most of his life; he sat the RAE in 1984 and gained the callsign G1PCI; all Jim wanted to do was go on HF, ‘dxing’.  Jim took his Morse test at Humber Radio and became G0EJQ in January 1985.  He loved chasing DX on single sideband and working portable and mobile.

Jim joined the Lincoln Short Wave Club in 1998 and served on the Committee for a number of years.  He enjoyed taking part in contests and helping with special event stations.

        Jim at Fir Park August 2018

Jim was RR for Region13 and in 2012 was honoured to represent the RSGB with Kath and Dave Wilson (President of the RSGB) at the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace where he had a few words with HRH Prince Phillip, Patron of the RSGB.

Originating from Grimsby Jim was a fisherman and worked on the trawlers all his working life.  He recently organised a visit to the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre for the club; as would be expected when visiting Grimsby, the trip ended with a Fish and Chip lunch.

On the Ross Tiger, Grimsby Fishig Heritage Centre

Jim spent 19 days in Lincoln County Hospital with a collapsed lung and was transferred to Nottingham City Hospital where he underwent surgery; he seemed to be recovering well and was in contact with many friends ‘texting’ and on Facebook until just hours before his death on 4th March 2019.

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Mar 242019

The first course of 2019 ended successfully with six candidates passing their Intermediate Examination on Saturday 23rd March.


The ‘Practical’ Workshop


The successful candidates Tom M6TQB, Andy M6OYQ, Arthur M6LYK, Lee M6RCI, Sam M3HKU and  Eddy M3HME.

It is hoped to run a Foundation Course over the weekend of 4th/5th May; for details please use the contact tab above.

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Feb 132019


Bob G7AVU will be giving a talk on the Lincoln Repeaters on the 27th March starting at 8pm in the Village Hall, Aisthorpe.  Whether you use the repeaters or not please come along as issues such as ongoing abuse and poor operating will be discussed along with other repeater related topics. This will be a chance to have your say and show your support for the work of the Lincoln repeater group.

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Jan 222019

For the second year in a row we had a tie for Chairman so Steve M5ZZZ and Roger G3PVU agreed to take on the job between them; Steve will serve for the first half and Roger the second.  No nominations were received for the position of Activity Officer but since the AGM Andy G0FVI has been co-opted onto the Committee as our Activity Officer.


Chairman                           50/50     Steve M5ZZZ and Roger G3PVU

Secretary                           Pam G4STO

Treasurer                           Stephen M5SJM

Activity Officer                   Andy G0FVI

Ordinary Members

Adrian M0NWK

Alistair 2E0TEF



Peter 2E0FGA

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Dec 072018

On the 28th November we were treated to a talk on Amateur Satellites by Stephen 2E0SSM.   He started by talking about the different types of orbits in use by all satellites and then moved onto the more specific orbits and the various types of satellite that amateur radio uses.   A look at antenna’s and the effects of doppler shift leading to the need to correct frequencies followed.  Stephen also gave information on which frequencies to listen on and some very useful websites for those of us who wanted to try it out for ourselves.

The talk was very well received and Stephen gave a demonstration after the talk using the equipment in the club radio shack.

Mary G6SWZ

Photo Alistair M0TEF

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Dec 022018

LSWCs ever popular Surplus Equipment Sale took place on Wednesday 31st October in the Village Hall at Aisthorpe when regular attendees from the East Riding of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and, of course, Lincolnshire were able to off load their surplus equipment and pick up a few bargains.  The date of our next sale is 24th April 2019.

A couple of the lots


Our visitors (and some members)

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Dec 022018

Record numbers attended this year’s National Hamfest which was held on the 28th and 29th September.  The George Stephenson Hall was filled with traders from around the UK and Europe together with Clubs and Special Interest Groups and RSGB Books and RSGB Committees.  There was a large flea market area and outside traders together with the Bring and Buy marquee and Camb Hams with Flossie running GB18NH.

Below are a few photos to remind you of this year’s Hamfest or to show you what you missed.


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Aug 042018

After the excitement of our aborted foundation exam on the 28th July everything went almost smoothly this morning; the taxi didn’t turn up for Lyon and Liz and they had to get a lift from a neighbour, they arrived at the village hall at 11 minutes to 10 with the exam starting at 10!!

The village hall set out exactly as I had indicated on the exam layout – plenty of room between candidates.  Thanks Peter, Les and David, supervised by Celia; if I’ve missed anyone sorry.

The successful candidates; back row l to r Andy, David and Mick, front Lyon.

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