Feb 282018

Update: 29th Feb @ 00:01

Thank you very much to the 54% of members who completed the LSWC survey. The survey is now closed. Feedback will be given to members at the earliest suitable opportunity.

Update: 25th Feb @ 23:15

50% of members have completed the survey so far – thanks. Please remember the questionnaire closing date is midnight on 28th Feb.

Update: 16th Feb @ 22:50

Thank you to the 40% of members who have completed the survey so far.

Update: 13th Feb @ 01:15

Thank you to the 35% of members who have completed the survey so far. A fantastic start and some great content.

For Attn of LSWC members

In the committee meeting 29th January 2018 we decided to carry out a survey designed in such a way that it will enable us to understand what aspects of amateur radio are important to members, so a program can be designed to fulfill yours and other members interests.

There is also an opportunity for you to tell us what you enjoy about the club and any suggestions of improvements that will benefit the club and it’s members. We will therefore be grateful if you can take a few minutes to complete it.

A link to the survey has been emailed to you tonight (11th February 2018). If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder.

For those who attend the club there is the opportunity to complete this on the shack computer.

The survey will close 28th February 2018 and a summary of results will be shared with all members at a suitable time after the closing date.

Thank you in advance

Adrian – M0NWK

LSWC Committee