Aug 292017

What a busy Five months we’ve had; April a visit to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford,

May the Fox Hunt and the Dambusters Special Event Station,

Fir Park Free Show in June,

Boultham Park Summer Fare beginning of July,

Poacher end of July beginning of August

and Fir Park Wings and Wheels August Bank Holiday weekend

and we are going to have another two busy months with the National Hamfest at the end of September and then there’s JOTA at the end of October.  We have also run three Foundation courses, had a couple of Sausage and Burger events, several talks and our surplus equipment sale.

For August Bank Holiday weekend, Les G1LQB collected the equipment on Wednesday and went over to Fir Park on Friday and started setting up; he had taken his caravan so he could get early starts.  Stephen M6TSJ arrived early on Saturday morning with his tent and helped Les with setting up the station.  Other licenced helpers/visitors to the station were Pete G8THR, Peter M3PCC, James G0EUN, Barry G4DBS (RAF Waddington ARC), Jim G0EJQ RSGB Region 13 Regional Manager, Tom G4OSB, Ian G4XFC, Ian M0RPD, Roger G3PVU, Stuart G3YPS, Steve M5ZZZ and Jason G7KPM; I didn’t get there until Monday so if I’ve missed anyone sorry.

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Aug 122017

Not two weeks in but August has been a very hectic time for several of us, Poacher, a Foundation course and exam and a sausage and burger afternoon.  I think and hope this is the end of the extra activities for the time being although there is a provisional sausage and burger afternoon on 9th September which coincides with the Scampton Air Show; if you are interested please let me know.

Despite conflicting start times today’s sausage and burger afternoon went well albeit numbers were down on previous events.  Our caterer for the day (me) excelled herself by laying on salads, desserts and freshly pulled Victoria plums; she had a little cash left over from a previous sausage and burger evening.


We really must get the patio area completed which we talked about a couple of years ago.

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Aug 102017

I like a happy ending.  The Foundation Course run by Les G1LQB and Ian G4EVK resulted in all five candidates passing their examination on 10th August.  Invigilators for the exam were Chris 2E0NDT and Pam G4STO.  The results are, of course, subject to confirmation from the RSGB.

Pictured from left to right: Les G1LQB Instructor and candidates Callum, Alan, Matthew, Celia and Frank.

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Aug 082017

August is a busy month so far for LSWC, last week it was Poacher 2017 and today we started a Foundation Course; tutors for the course are Les G1LQB and Ian G4EVK both also helped last week at Poacher 2017.   Thanks also to Andy M0KED for being at the other end of the mike; Andy also had a day at Poacher and made contact with scouts from home on other days.

We have four candidates on this course and the examination will be on Thursday 10th.



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Aug 082017

Poacher 2017 was Lincolnshire’s 10th International Jamboree with over 5000 Scouts and Guides aged 10-17 from 26 different countries taking part in the event; over 160 visited our tent to learn a little about amateur radio and to obtain their Communicator Badge.


You will notice from some of these photos that Les and Ian conducted their introduction to amateur radio ‘Open Air’ the Coleman shelter had to be dismantled due to the high winds; luckily it didn’t rain!!

At one stage we had to revert to the generator due to a power cut on the showground.

There were just five of us to dismantle the station and we made it look easy!!!

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Aug 082017

Day 5 of Poacher went well although high winds caused problems with the Coleman shelter and the Red Arrows stopped our operating the station for short periods; not all scouts and guides at Poacher see them daily so everything had to stop so they could marvel at the display.



Steve M5ZZZ cooked a tasty beef stew so Pam had a day off cooking and decided to clean the trailer mast.


Today we had Andy M0KED, Barry G4DBS and Jim G0EJQ on the microphone from the tent; other members of the club were at the ‘other end’ talking to the scouts and guides (sorry I’m not sure who did this but thank you).

A few more of the activities at Poacher:

Our kitchen:

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Jul 312017

We had another successful day at Poacher 2017 with a steady flow of scouts visiting the station, some making a return visit because the thunder storm on Sunday prevented them from making contact with other stations.

Below are a few photos of the scouts paying attention to Les G1LQB giving a brief description of amateur radio and others showing Barry G4DBS finding stations for them to speak to.

Naturally we had to eat; today it was beef burgers and mushrooms gathered from the showground by Les G1LQB followed by doughnuts provided by Barry G4DBS.

A few other visitors to the station:

A few of the other activities at Poacher.

And you could say ‘it never rains but it pours’; enlarge this photo

and you can actually see the stair rods of rain coming down!!! The rain didn’t dampen our enthusiasm but it did stop radio operations as we couldn’t hear the other stations through the rain pounding on the tent roof and finally below the standing water after the ‘shower’.


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Jul 292017

Image result for poacher 2017 logo

Following the success of the 2013 Poacher International Jamboree, LSWC were asked if they would put on a station for Poacher 2017; Ian G4EVK Chairman, Pam G4STO Secretary, Steve M5ZZZ Activity Officer and Les G1LQB Education with help from Barry G4DBS from RAF Waddington ARC set up the station ready for the start of Poacher on Sunday 30th July; potentially 500 scouts will be introduced to amateur radio over the week.  Three of the visitors to our station today were Andy G0MNI from Grimsby, Andrew M0OOO and Mark M6WMS both from RAF Waddington ARC all three are working at Poacher and regrettably unable to help on our station.

Below are a few pictures from the day; you will note we have an appropriate hammer for the job!!  Please note our Secretary (that’s me) got down to work.  Also please note life got a little sad towards the end of the day!!!



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Jul 292017

On the 8th July members of the Club made their annual ‘Pilgrimage’ to Boultham Summer Fair where they put on an Amateur Radio demonstration.   It wasn’t all plain sailing; the frame on the Coleman Shelter was broken and there was no power lead but thanks to G1LQBs Aladdin’s Cave a temporary ‘mend’ was made to the shelter and with the expertise of G7KPM and M6TSJ a power lead was made.   The station was visited by many members of the public including the Mayor and Mayoress of Lincoln and the City Sheriff.  Several former club members also made their annual visit and members of neighbouring RAF Waddington Club also called in at the station.  It was a very enjoyable day for most of the members present and in some cases very tiring.

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Jul 062017

Another almost successful sausage and burger night at the club; not sure what was wrong with the BBQ but it didn’t cook the sausages as they should have been cooked: perhaps it was the sausages, it certainly wasn’t the Head Cook for the night.
Below are a few photos, also not the quality I had hoped. I think it was ‘Pistols at Dusk’ for the lads.

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