About Steve

I sat the RAE at North Lindsey College in Scunthorpe in December 1982 and passed with two credits, my first call sign was G6TVP which I still hold. Being newly married children and other such matter took precedent for the next few years amateur radio was forgotten. In October 1993 my life took a new direction and I moved to Louth where my interest in amateur radio was rekindled. I joined the Louth ARC and was soon the secretary and repeater keeper for GB3LC, unfortunately as is the case with many clubs the Louth ARC folded through lack of members. I joined the RSGB in November 1999 and sat the five words per minute test at an RSGB morse camp in October 2000 and gained my present call sign M5ZZZ. I am now an active member of the Grimsby ATV group and assisted in the construction and implementation of GB3GG the Grimsby ATV repeater. I am a past Chairman and Secretary of the Eagle Radio Group. My main passion with amateur radio is portable operating, ATV and contesting. I am also an active member of the GB3GG repeater group in Grimsby. Take a look at the 13cm ATV repeater on our live stream at: http://www.gb3gg.org.uk I am now looking forward to my new challenge following my appointment as RSGB Deputy Regional Manager for District 135 ( Lincolnshire). Hopeing I can put something back into Amateur Radio for all the good things I have had out of it.I have recently moved to Wragby and have become a member of the Lincoln Short Wave Club where I have become very active on the contesting scene. I have now been elected to the committee of the LSWC and hold the office of Activities officer which I really enjoy so if you like doing talks on any subject let me know we are always looking for new speakers.