Lincoln Repeaters are believed to be the only repeaters situated on a medieval building in Europe.

The antennas are sited on top of the central tower of Lincoln Cathedral. This magnificent building, which was started over 900 years ago, dominates the City from its elevated position.The repeaters are GB3LM on 2metres, GB3LS on 70 cms, GB3VL (ATV) on 23 cms and on 10Ghz ATV repeater GB3LX.

repaeter-antenna (2)

The repeaters have a good coverage area which takes in Lincolnshire and East Nottinghamshire.

Our thanks must go to Bob G7AVU the repeater keeper, for all his hard work in keeping all the above repeaters serviced and on the air.

If you would like to make a donation to help with the cost of the upkeep of these repeaters, it would be gratefully appreciated. The Lincoln Repeater Group maintain their own website Here…


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