Lincoln Short Wave Club has a Morse Training Group which is very informal and run by Ian G4XFC, founder of The Morse Crusade.

Most of the information about learning Morse is on The Morse Crusade website and it is recommended that you visit the website and read some of the articles that Ian has written.

Ian has found that giving good advice to students by email works and has helped others in Australia and the USA as well as in the UK. Ian’s policy is that you (the student) do the hard work on your computer to learn Morse and he will guide you through any difficulties that you have. He is usually available most Wednesday’s at the Lincoln Short Wave Club for a chat and will be happy to give you advice by email if you are in a different area of the UK or in a different country.  The service is free and available to anyone having problems learning Morse or would like to start learning Morse.

Ian will be doing “On Demand” Morse tests at the National Hamfest and will be pleased to have a chat with you there, you can contact him using the contact form below.

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